Is Kickboxing Safe for Kids – The Benefits and Precautions

Is kickboxing safe for kids? The short answer is yes, it can be. Kickboxing, when properly supervised and taught, can be a safe and beneficial activity for children. It helps them stay active, develop coordination, and build confidence, while also being a fun way to learn self-defense. If you are in South Florida, to ensure […]

Are Self-Defense Classes Worth It?

Self-defense classes have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for a good reason. Taking a self-defense class can provide numerous benefits, including improved physical fitness, increased confidence, and practical skills to protect oneself from harm. Self-defense classes can increase your sense of personal safety when you are out on the streets at night or […]

Are You Allowed to Use Martial Arts in Self-Defense?

Using Martial Arts in Self-Defense Martial arts have been practiced for centuries for various reasons, such as exercise, mental discipline, sport, and self-defense. Self-defense is one of the primary reasons people learn martial arts, but the question of whether it is legal to use martial arts in self-defense arises. Modern martial arts are descended from […]

How Long Does It Take to Learn Kickboxing?

Kickboxing: One of the Best Fitness Classes for a Great Workout  Kickboxing is a martial art involving punching, kicking, knee strikes, and various techniques from boxing, karate, and other martial arts. Not only is it a great workout, but it’s also a sufficient form of self-defense, as well as a competitive sport. If you’re interested […]

When Is a Good Age to Learn Kickboxing?

The Right Time to Start Kickboxing: Is Age Just a Number? Exploring the benefits of learning kickboxing at different stages of life and how to find the best age for you to begin training. Kickboxing is a popular form of exercise and self-defense that has been gaining popularity in recent years. Not only does it […]

Take Control of Your Safety: Why It’s Never Too Late to Learn Self Defense

Unlock the Benefits of Self Defense: Tips for Finding the Right Class and Instructor Self defense is an essential skill for every person to learn, regardless of age or experience. Knowing how to protect yourself can increase your confidence and physical fitness and provide a sense of personal safety in any situation. Taking self defense […]

From Corn Fields to the Cage: A Spotlight on Coach Jason Somchay

Just as important as tradition is to martial arts, so are those who take on the responsibility of teaching them. That’s why Florida Kickboxing Academy is so proud to have some of the best trainers in the world partnering with us. One of those trainers is Jason Somchay. Born and raised in Nebraska, we are […]

The Origins of Muay Thai Kickboxing

From Muay Thai History, to Learning Traditional Values and Advancing into Stand-up Striking, Florida Kickboxing Academy Provides Students with a Comprehensive Muay Thai Training Experience What Is Muay Thai? What is Muay Thai? Muay Thai boxing is known as “the art of the eight limbs.” These eight limbs are your two hands, two fists, two […]

How Muay Thai Kickboxing Sharpens the Mind and Body

Discover the Benefits Available to All Skill Levels at Our West Palm Beach Muay Thai Gym Muay Thai kickboxing is known as the art of the eight limbs: two hands + two fists + two knees + two feet.  Muay Thai began as a type of close combat fighting in Thailand, and it was so […]