From Corn Fields to the Cage: A Spotlight on Coach Jason Somchay

Just as important as tradition is to martial arts, so are those who take on the responsibility of teaching them. That’s why Florida Kickboxing Academy is so proud to have some of the best trainers in the world partnering with us. One of those trainers is Jason Somchay. Born and raised in Nebraska, we are so fortunate that he made his way to Florida to share his love of the self-defense system known as Muay Thai.

“Martial Arts is Everything To Me” 

Jason was raised by his grandparents who came to the Midwest as refugees of the Vietnam War. Martial arts and self-discipline were a daily part of Jason’s upbringing. He grew up in his Tecumseh, Nebraska home kicking rice bags and learning (and taking!) teeps from both his grandmother and his grandfather. One of his fondest memories is of watching Muay Thai on satellite television with his grandmother. Muay Thai is prominent in Southeast Asia and his Laotian grandparents made sure to continue the tradition with Jason.

His Laotian blood aided him in quickly picking up whatever sports and fitness training he tried. He played American football and basketball and competed in wrestling. With an affinity for the spotlight, he was also involved in the performing arts. He could be seen singing in the choir and even breakdancing in his local community.

Family, Florida, and Fitness Training

Times of adversity, encouragement from athletic coaches, and opportunities to compete brought Jason out of his shell and he took a leap of faith. In 2005, he made the move to South Florida, following his uncle. His uncle had just become an MMA fighter and was acting on several shows based in Florida. He took the opportunity to corner his uncle’s MMA fights and it wasn’t long before the cage lights took Jason in.

In 2008, Jason had his first MMA fight. He knocked his opponent out in 17 seconds. It was in that moment that Jason knew that there was a door of opportunity opening for him in the world of Muay Thai and martial arts. He continued fighting in Muay Thai and MMA and in 2012 he went professional. Still with a heart for performing, showing his skills in the ring brought both joy and fulfillment into Jason’s life.

Passing on the Tradition of Self-Discipline

After competing in 40+ fights over 15+ years, Jason made the decision to share his knowledge with others and began coaching Muay Thai. He is passionately passing along his experience to his students while still enjoying a bit of the cage light at the same time. He aspires to be an inspiration to all he comes in contact with and wants to continuously develop more and more champion fighters. He works with students of all skill levels and experience and strives to make each of his students into the best version of themselves.

“Every man’s heart one day beats its final beat, his lungs take their final breath, and if what that man did in his life makes the blood pulse through the bodies of others, then his essence, his spirit, will be immortalized by storytellers, by the loyalty and memory of those who honor him.”

The Ultimate Warrior

Become a Part of the FKA Martial Arts Family

If you’re looking for self defense classes in West Palm Beach, look no further than the Florida Kickboxing Academy. Jason Somchay and our other professional trainers are ready to help you bring out the best. Jason is a self-described, “Corn fed Asian, living his best life” and is proof that no matter your skill level, Muay Thai and martial arts can teach self-defense and self-discipline, improve your general wellness, and more. Are you ready to join the fight with Jason and the rest of the FKA family? Contact us today to set up your free trial class now. 

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