Welcome to FKA

FKA’s goal is to significantly improve the lives of its members through improved fitness, self-confidence, abilities, and participation in the FKA family. The strategy to accomplish this goal is to create and maintain a state of the art training center with the highest quality equipment and facilities, secure the best coaching staff and provide them with autonomy and incentives to develop world class programs, offer the most complete set of programs and classes in FKA’s focus areas, and to maintain a “5 star” level of cleanliness and customer service.

FKA is not all things to all people. We are a focused Muay Thai and Kickboxing academy with strength and conditioning programs.  All of our staff are “real” trained fighters and professional coaches. All of our equipment is functional and used by professional fighters and athletes.

We do offer “fit not hit” but the core of FKA’s programs is authentic sport-combat training.  Very few of our members will take the next step to “full contact” sparring or actual fighting, and many will never spar at all, but we believe the authentic training experience provides the highest level of physical and psychological benefits.

But most of all, FKA is a family working together to improve ourselves and each other.  This spirit exists starting from the new member just beginning an exercise program all the way through the hardened fighter stepping into the professional ring. Our staff has dedicated most of their lives to learning and developing their particular skill set and are anxious to pass on the knowledge they have retained over many years.

We hope you will consider joining our family.