How Muay Thai Kickboxing Sharpens the Mind and Body

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Muay Thai kickboxing is known as the art of the eight limbs: two hands + two fists + two knees + two feet. 

Muay Thai began as a type of close combat fighting in Thailand, and it was so effective that many considered it more deadly than certain weapons. Muay Thai training has increased in popularity in the last decade or so. Not only are more Muay Thai gyms springing up in the U.S., but more foreign nationals are also joining Muay Thai schools in Thailand in order to practice this ancient martial art. Read on to learn more about the merits of Muay Thai kickboxing.

Muay Thai Training Delivers a Full Body Workout – Both Mentally and Physically 

When you choose to do Muay Thai training, you will get a comprehensive mind-body workout. This martial art is great for weight loss and body sculpting. The running, jumping rope, kickboxing, and shadowboxing used in Muay Thai provide both aerobic and anaerobic workouts. This is why Muay Thai is a great way to strengthen your muscles, including your core, and improve flexibility. Strengthening these muscle groups now will protect you when you are older; improved coordination and strength will decrease your likelihood of a bad fall. Muay Thai will also increase your stamina and improve your cardiovascular health, as the rigorous training for this martial art requires a lot of energy and dedication. 

Committing to training at a Muay Thai gym will give you accountability for sticking to your workout routine and making progress on your goals. The only person you have to compare yourself to is you. So, as you learn new skills and techniques and see yourself making progress in your fitness goals, you will gain more confidence in this discipline – something that can benefit you outside of our gym. In Muay Thai, mentality is key. Not unlike chess, Muay Thai is exercise for the brain, not just the body. Practicers of Muay Thai see many of the same benefits as those who practice meditation. For example, Muay Thai training can improve your concentration, strategic thinking, and mindfulness skills

Muay Thai Kickboxing Helps Relieve Stress and Enhance Personal Safety

The benefits of exercise and the release of endorphins that accompany it are well-documented. What better way to dispel any negative thoughts and feelings in a healthy, productive way than punching an actual punching bag? A good Muay Thai workout is an excellent way to decompress, let go of unproductive feelings, and release pent-up energy. 

Additionally, Muay Thai training is an excellent way to develop valuable self-defense tactics that can help ensure your safety in the real world. Muay Thai training is strike-based, but you can also use the techniques to pin down an opponent should you need to. It usually only takes about six months of training to learn the required skills to defend oneself with Muay Thai kickboxing. Florida Kickboxing Academy offers authentic training carefully supervised by our expert instructors – some of which are professional fighters themselves. 

Whether you are just beginning your Muay Thai training, or are a seasoned competitor, our instructors’ use of modern training methods to help you perfect proven techniques equips you to achieve results regardless of skill level.

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At Florida Kickboxing Academy, we combine traditional aspects of Muay Thai training with modern training techniques to create a class that has something for everyone, from novice to expert. Muay Thai is far more than just a sport. It’s a comprehensive workout physically and emotionally that will give you strength, confidence, and real-world self-defense skills. By enrolling in our Muay Thai training classes, you are providing yourself the opportunity to get a superior workout, increase your mental agility, and become part of a unique local community passionate about their personal development.
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