Our Coaches


MIchael Spallholtz

After competing in various sports throughout my life and spending four

years in the United States Marine Corps, I stumbled upon Brazilian Jiu Jitsu being taught at a

local weight lifting gym’s racquet ball court. Right away I was hooked on the sport and began

my never ending journey in the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Once I earned my blue belt I approached my professor and told him I would like my focus to be on learning how to teach. From that point on I trained to teach and my goal was to teach BJJ for a living.

Since the start of my journey, I have been lucky enough to train with some of the best

grapplers in the world, such as Pablo Popvitch, Michelle Nicolini, and Marcus “Buchecha”

Almeida, and Randy Couture. I have also been lucky enough to help start two young and upcoming stars Jake and Adam Ferrara. I consider myself to be truly blessed to have had these opportunities and train with so many great competitors.

My approach to teaching is a simple one: train hard, be respectful, and have fun